i’m sorry

25 05 2011

I’m sorry for all the heartaches
I didn’t mean you any harm
I’m sorry for all the sadness
Your entire being can’t overcome

I’m sorry for breaking your heart
It’s impossible to pick up each piece
I’m sorry for wounding your soul
Left you broken and in tears

I’m sorry I robbed you of love
No one ever deserves that
I’m sorry I made you lose hope
That time will heal your aching heart

I’m sorry if you now feel lost
Floating, hovering over something long gone
And I’m sorry if sorry’s just not enough
For you to find your way back home



25 02 2011

Everything’s blurry… didn’t see you walking away
Deciding if it’s a dream, or just a memory in play
With eyes closed, I try to follow you
In a dark and quiet place that’s known to few

Nothing seems to be moving, no breeze nor wind
Vacant eyes that stare, face grown old and thinned
I try to remember you with the sun behind your head
Loving words you’ve spoken, dreams you’ve openly shared

Listening for the slightest sigh, or a sign to know you’re here
Afraid to let you go, a friend I hold so dear
Night’s the hardest, when shades are drawn
Unable to comprehend why you’ve left and gone

Everything seems different, dark clouds have come
Valiant hearts have now grown weak and numb
And with a bleeding heart, and eyes that helplessly cry…
…I turn to bid you one last goodnight… goodbye…

+++for Jhed (1973-2011) +++


24 09 2008

I closed my eyes one night
With tears flowing down my face
They were warm to the touch
But the warmth was not comforting

In the darkness I felt cold
Like being buried deep in snow
Breathing was hard, constricted
My heart was barely surviving

But then an angel came
All wrapped in white and gold
He filled my heart with clarity
To my soul, he brought healing

He needed only to look at me
To know my soul’s desire
And when he left, I was reassured
That darkness will be departing

And sure enough when I awoke
The world was not as it was
Everything seemed bright and gay
Happiness was never-ending

Only then did I realize
I am floating on heaven’s clouds
No longer will my eyes shed tears
Nor will my heart be left hoping

For the angel has freed me
And gave me wings of my own
My soul’s at ease, my heart serene
I am no longer dying…

I am home.


2 09 2008

She must have been the most beautiful woman
I would have ever wanted to know
With hands that tell her hardships within
With eyes that reflect her innermost soul

She must have been an angel sent to earth
One who stumbled and broke her wings
She must have tried to get up, to heal
But the effort seemed to break her all the more

She must have wanted to be with me
Though the silence made me believe otherwise
The distance must have destroyed her
Left her heart bleeding in the same way as mine

I would have given everything to know her
Anything to see her sweet, soothing smile
I would have liked to tell her face to face
That I understood why she had to say goodbye

Though I hold not a single memory of her
Not even a letter or a faded picture to keep
I know that she’s the most beautiful woman
I would have loved to know and meet

my songbird

30 10 2006

my songbird, please sing for me
touch his heart and set him free
with your song, tell him i care
remind him of the memories we used to share

dear songbird, please let him see
how much i want for us to be
one in heart, in mind, in soul
’tis his touch that could make me whole

and please, my songbird, tell him this
with your gentle tune and tender kiss
tell him i’ll love him forevermore…
that he’s the one whom i live for


8 09 2006

i would rather have one little rose
from the garden of a friend
than to have the choicest flowers
when my stay here on earth must end

i would rather have a pleasant word
in kindness said to me
than flattery when my heart is still
and life has ceased to be

i would rather have a loving smile
from friends i know are true
than tears shed ’round my casket
when to this world i bid adieu

bring me all your flowers today
whether pink, or white, or red
i’d rather have one blossom now
than a truckload when i’m dead

– author unknown –