Digital Drawing – Attempt #3 (in color)

14 11 2010

Here’s attempt #3. I feel that I’ve improved a bit.. What do you think? Hehe..

This one here is my other handsome and intelligent nephew, Zach. He’s now 3 years and 3 months old. Oh, and did I mention he could already read? Yup! He can!! And his reading skills are comparable to a normal 4th grader. Love love love this kid so much!!!

Zachary James



Digital Drawing – Attempt #2 (in color)

10 09 2010

Alright.. so here’s attempt #2, and this time with color. This is my super handsome nephew, Marcus, who is a year and a half old now. He was about 8 months old in this drawing. Don’t mind the hair please!!! I know it looks awful. Hahahaha!!!

Attempt #2 - Marcus

Attempt #2 - Marcus

Digital Drawing – Attempt #1

10 09 2010

I’ve been trying to learn digital drawing through Photoshop for the past year or so. I first saw a photo-realistic drawing from some site and it just amazed me how the output was so much like the original photo. As usual, I tried copying (I think “reproducing” is a better word hehe..) artworks from the net and it took me a while before I got the hang of it. I’m still stuggling with hair, though. It’s really really hard!!! But I think I’m getting there hehe..

Attempt #1 is a digital sketch of my father. I started with black and white portraits first because honestly, I was afraid of putting in color. Plus, to tell  you honestly, I’m not that good with mixing colors and stuff. I’m not a natural-born talent, you see. Hehehehe..

Oh well, enough with the hoolabaloos! So here it is.. (oh, and yeah.. his chin looks a bit weird :-D)

Attempt #1 - Papa (and that's me beside him haha!)

Attempt #1 - Papa (and that's me beside him haha!)

yet another drawing…

6 07 2007

charcoal sketch of a baby
july 5, 2007


This is another sketch I made yesterday. I’m quite happy with this one, actually.. Although I find the lips a bit weird hehehe.. Hope you guys like it, too! 🙂


23 10 2006

“rose” – charcoal drawing
by: funchumm (10-23-2006)

I have been working on this charcoal drawing for the past 3 nights. Now, it’s finally done! 🙂 I’m proud of this one, actually. It’s the closest one yet to being life-like. Well, this really isn’t an original idea. I just copied a portion of one of J.D. Hillberry’s charcoal and pencil sketches. I just love this man’s drawings. Just check out his site and see for yourself (

Anyways, just sharing…