sad news.. :(

16 01 2012

My bestfriend and I had a quick talk yesterday. She let me know about a couple of our highschool batchmates who have recently been diagnosed with cancer. The first one has breast cancer (an assumption based on the type of surgery she said she was going to have), the other one was diagnosed with liver cancer. I was frozen with shock when I learned about the second cancer patient. Not only was she a highschool batchmate, she was also a friend.

Till now, I couldn’t seem to get over the shock of the news. I researched about the survival rate of liver cancer (my friend is already in stage 3), and all search results said one and the same thing: In general, the survival rate of liver cancer patients is very low, regardless of the stage. This is mainly because most liver cancers have accompanying diseases, like cirrhosis which in itself is fatal. *sigh*

I guess all we can do now is pray for them. And even if it is in these times that we question God’s divine plan for all of us, I still strongly believe in God’s goodness and power.. I still believe in miracles.




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