what’s wrong?

26 04 2011

I’ve been puzzled by this sort of cold that I have for the past 4 months. Well, I don’t have a runny nose or any of those common cold symptoms. What I do have is a nasal-sounding voice, much like when you have a clogged nose. But really I don’t, I just sound like I do. Which is weird.

This all started when I got sick last December 24, 2010. I had cough and colds then, and the usual flu-like feeling. I was well after a few days, except that I never got my old normal-sounding voice back. 😦 Which sucks big time! Couldn’t even sing anymore without sounding all nasal and without my voice getting all hoarse and croaky.

I consulted an ENT. He looked up my nose and tried to see if I had growths/cysts/whatever. He didn’t find any so he decided to just give me antihistamines for my allergic rhinitis, and a nasal spray which I was prescribed to use twice a day for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, it didn’t really cure my seemingly clogged nose. 😦 I did stop having my morning sneezes, but honestly, I would have liked to keep my allergic rhinitis and not my “clogged nose syndrome”. At least my allergies only happened in the mornings and it always goes away after a few hours.

What’s more depressing is that I couldn’t seem to find out what this thing is! Even my being a gifted googler doesn’t seem to help. *sigh*

Is there anybody out there who has the answer? Help? 😦




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