25 02 2011

Everything’s blurry… didn’t see you walking away
Deciding if it’s a dream, or just a memory in play
With eyes closed, I try to follow you
In a dark and quiet place that’s known to few

Nothing seems to be moving, no breeze nor wind
Vacant eyes that stare, face grown old and thinned
I try to remember you with the sun behind your head
Loving words you’ve spoken, dreams you’ve openly shared

Listening for the slightest sigh, or a sign to know you’re here
Afraid to let you go, a friend I hold so dear
Night’s the hardest, when shades are drawn
Unable to comprehend why you’ve left and gone

Everything seems different, dark clouds have come
Valiant hearts have now grown weak and numb
And with a bleeding heart, and eyes that helplessly cry…
…I turn to bid you one last goodnight… goodbye…

+++for Jhed (1973-2011) +++




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