24 09 2008

I closed my eyes one night
With tears flowing down my face
They were warm to the touch
But the warmth was not comforting

In the darkness I felt cold
Like being buried deep in snow
Breathing was hard, constricted
My heart was barely surviving

But then an angel came
All wrapped in white and gold
He filled my heart with clarity
To my soul, he brought healing

He needed only to look at me
To know my soul’s desire
And when he left, I was reassured
That darkness will be departing

And sure enough when I awoke
The world was not as it was
Everything seemed bright and gay
Happiness was never-ending

Only then did I realize
I am floating on heaven’s clouds
No longer will my eyes shed tears
Nor will my heart be left hoping

For the angel has freed me
And gave me wings of my own
My soul’s at ease, my heart serene
I am no longer dying…

I am home.




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