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21 09 2008

I’m not a big fan of PGMA. Honestly, I think she should spare all of us the trouble and just step down. But knowing her and her “I’m tough” attitude, she won’t. Sucks to be us, I guess.

Anyway, much as I want to steer away from all this politics sh*t, it’s just so hard to ignore the anomalies all around us.

#1 – Unreasonable and mandatory taxes. It’s hard not to notice how the government has put the burden of paying for the country’s debts to the people. First there was VAT.. Then came EVAT.. And depending on how unlucky we are in a given year, there is that increase in tax deductions on our salaries. How many government officials do we have? If they really care for this country and for the people’s well-being, why don’t they shell out, say, a hundred thousand pesos each. THEY OWE IT TO THE PEOPLE FOR BRINGING THEM TO WHERE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW. And OMG, please don’t tell me that each and every one of them have consciences as clear and spotless as well-polished glass. Please!!!

#2 – Giving tax money to the less fortunate. I don’t want to sound heartless and selfish. But the truth is, giving money is just a temporary resolution to the different levels of poverty that ALL OF US are experiencing right now. If the government decides to give out the tax money that employed individuals worked hard for, then evenly allocate it not only to the poor but to those who have work their a$$ out 7 days a week and 8 hours a day (sometimes even more). And then open up more job opportunities that will enable our less fortunate brothers and sisters to earn money for their families. That’s what we all need — a PERMANENT solution to the ever-growing crisis that we have.

#3 – Poor road and drainage system repairs. This problem has been going on for what seems like forever already. It’s a wonder why I even bring it up still. But anyway, since it has already been written, I might as well give it a go. First of all, “poor” is an understatement actually. There are no words to describe the disastrous condition of our roads (major roads and common streets) and drainage systems. In Buendia alone and its surrounding streets, 15 minutes of moderate to strong rains is equivalent to knee-deep floods. Then once the water recedes, all the asphalt patches are gone and we’re once again left with roads comparable to the moon’s surface. Ok, I give credit to DPWH and probably to local officials for their effort to patch these roads up with asphalt. But please make sure that it’s not going to be another temporary resolution to a problem that needs a long-term (if not permanent) answer. It’s not like the taxes that get deducted from our salaries have a certain amount allocated for FREE vehicle repairs for underchassis and tire damages caused by substandard road cementing/asphalting!!!

#4 NFA rice. First, thank you, PGMA, for trying to resolve the rice crisis that we have right now. By the way, have you tried cooking the NFA rice that you have provided your people? With all due respect, I think you should. Then you would realize that this so-called help that you have provided just underlines and emphasizes the status of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. We have tried the NFA rice at home, and the first thing that came into my mind is, “How can the government give something as unacceptable and substandard as this??? And to be proud of it??? OMG!!!” The poor quality of the product would have been understandable if these were given for free. After all, free products almost always have trade-offs. But to charge us for something like that? It’s just not fair — inhumane almost. Then eventually, we found out that there’s a better quality NFA rice being sold at a higher price. Tsk. What more can i say, huh? I guess everything is just business.


This ranting will probably stay at that — a rant. But to any government official who happens to stumble upon this entry, I hope this ranting is heeded. The issues mentioned above are just a few of the evident anomalies going on in our country right now. Please listen to the people.. And listen deep. Sometimes, it may seem that the people agrees with your decisions. But most often than not, the positive response is just to say that we surrender.. we give up. You seek respect from us, and we will gladly give you that. But you have got to give us respect as well. Give us reasons to believe and trust in the government once more. Because until you do, this country will continue to sink deeper into chaos and nothingness.. the people — YOUR people — will continue to mourn and cry out in pain and suffering.




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23 09 2008

Parang panay ata ang pakikinig mo sa balita ah… hehehe…

I’m killing time again…. bwehehehe…

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