red flag up!

3 09 2008

I have been experiencing some hormonal imbalance lately. ^_^

Irritability = increased by 10000%
Impatience = increased by 70%
Laziness = increased by 5000%

Hahahaha! I took the day off today to go to Cavite. It was unbearably hot, and I was trying to connect my laptop to the internet via my mobile phone for what seemed like forever already. I’m telling you, my mood made an abrupt 360-degree turn!

But I think I’m feeling better now because i finally was able to make the connection work, after an extremely irrate call to Smart’s customer service hotline, that is… but NO THANKS to them still!!! I felt a bit guilty afterwards, though, for being such a pain in the CSR’s a$$. But hey, I’m just one unhappy customer who has been promised a 24-hour feedback that never came! Hehe… Ok ok, putting the CSR in a tight spot was my bad. My apologies to her…

Anywayyyyy… see? I’m hyper now! I have so many things I THINK I want to do…  so many ideas getting all jumbled up inside my head, I swear my poor brains overheating already.

Hopefully, in 2 or 3 days, this hormonal imbalance thing will stop. And I should be back to normal by then. ^_^





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