welcome home

19 08 2008

Welcome home, Ate and family!!!

I can’t believe that my Ate’s here with her husband and my inaanak, Dakaweee (Zach). He is so adorable and malambing. He has 4 baby teeth now, and can already do quite a number of tricks that make all of us laugh. I see him almost everyday since this Saturday, driving from Paranaque to Makati without complaints. πŸ™‚ I even took the whole week off just to be able to be with them as frequently as possible. Hehehe..

Well, they arrived last Saturday, August 9. Ate called me Friday afternoon to tell me that they were coming home, but that it was going to be a surprise. It was soooooooo hard to keep my mouth shut!! ^_^ But the plan was successful. Mama cried her eyes out when they arrived and refused to talk to them for 5 minutes, and threatened to pull my hair for not telling her. Hahaha! It was both a funny and a heart-warming sight.

Anyway, they can only stay for a couple of weeks so that means that they are leaving on the 23rd already. *sob* I wish they can stay longer.. Oh well, I just hope this week goes by slowly. I’m going to miss them terribly again when they’re gone.

**Dakawee enjoying his balloon**

**Dakawee enjoying his balloon**


By the way, HAPPY 76th BIRTHDAY TO MY GRANDMOTHER!!! I love you Mommy!!!




2 responses

21 08 2008

Ang cute ng pamangkin mo… I’m sure gwapo yan paglaki nya. See you on Tuesday to our new office este internet cafe.

22 08 2008

happy birthday mommy!!! πŸ™‚

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