noise, noise, and more noise

23 07 2008

Each and every AGONIZING day, my ears are put into noise-tolerance tests by my overly enthusiastic officemates. It’s ok on non-stressful days. But on days when a lot of things need to get done within the normal 8-hour work shift, it can be totally iritating.

I really don’t quite get how these people are able to behave this way considering that they are being paid TO WORK and NOT TO MAKE NOISE. One of my officemates who share my sentiments said that it’s probably because of the fact that our team is composed of young people, fresh out of college.. But does that really give them the right to treat the office as a campus tambayan? Personally, I think it’s because the management has been condoning this type of behavior ever since. The subject has been brought up several times already and we have been sent countless memos, but still nothing has changed. Well, come to think of it, how can I expect for things to change when one of the bosses is irritatingly boisterous himself? Ayayay..

Healthy and open discussions are ok — even non-office-related ones. But to be so inconsiderately LOUD and DISRUPTIVE IS JUST NOT RIGHT! When will this chaotic scenario ever end or change at least? 😦




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