prayers, prayers, and more prayers

17 06 2008

News of Ces Drilon and her crew’s kidnapping came as a shock — to me and to other Filipinos, I daresay. It wasn’t totally unexpected, but I guess there has always been this small hope that media people such as them are protected from such a dreadful fate.

I would have to admit that I’m not a big fan of Ces. But still, I can’t help but feel nauseous whenever I think about the deadline set for ransom payment. I pity her for whatever it is she’s going through right now, praying that she’s safe — soul, faith, and dignity still intact. Maybe it’s the woman in me… Or maybe it’s just how we Filipinos truly are.

It’s sad to think that in times like these, family members, friends, and colleagues are left helpless. Everyone’s just banking on hope and prayers. But these people who are holding them captive, are they really receptive to divine intervention? Or would we be too naive to believe, or even think, that these people will have a sudden surge of guilt and remorse for what they have done?


Just what is happening to the world?! More and more people are doing bad things to other people. 😦 Men, women, children… Nobody’s safe anymore. It’s really so sad. I’m not asking for a perfect world, just for a world where there’s security and respect and peace.

Going back to Ces and her crew, and all the other people going through the same thing as they are, I really do wish them well. My prayers are with them, and I most sincerely hope that they have yours too.

God bless everyone…




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