Baby Hannah

24 03 2008

I rarely check friends’ blogs nowadays.. Fortunately, I visited Janis’ blog and read an entry about this beautiful little angel named Hannah Ysabelle.

Baby Hannah was born with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS). It’s a disorder in the central nervous system wherein one has problems breathing when awake, and does not breathe at all when asleep. It’s such a sad story.. And I honestly cannot imagine how this baby’s young body could endure the operations she has gone through already.  But thankfully, from the pictures, she looks healthy and full of life. Such a beautiful baby, actually. 🙂

I do not personally know baby Hannah and her parents, but nevertheless, they will always be in my prayers. And to help them out, in my own special way, I would like to encourage anyone who reads this to visit baby Hannah’s multiply site and also to pray for her. You guys might also want to help them financially by buying Hannah’s rosaries. They are specially made by her family, and costs only PHP 120. Pictures are on the multiply site as well. 🙂

May the good Lord bless Hannah and her family.. And may they always be filled with hope that one day, their precious little angel will be completely healed.

Rosary package writing:


My name is Hannah Ysabelle S. Cordoviz.
Please include my complete healing in your prayer intentions.

Thank you so very much and may our Good Lord bless you and your family always.




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