19 03 2008

OMG! This is, I think, the 10th time I’ve watched Paul Potts on YouTube and he still makes me cry. He’s this mobile phone salesman who tried out for Britain’s Got Talent. I was able to see his audition on TV last year and I was awed. As in, my jaw literally dropped! He was so good! Even Simon gave him a standing ovation. I have goosebumps everytime I hear him sing opera. He won the competition, needless to say.

I’ve always dreamed of singing that way. Well, not necessarily the opera way. I just want to be able to sing really well and have people awed by my voice. *sigh* I can sing… My grandfather was my “vocal coach” when I was young. Problem is, I never really had enough confidence to showcase my so-called talent. I always freeze up and end up being on the verge of tears. Waaaaaaaaah!!! It’s really so pathetic. But at least my family and relatives believe in me. They always let me sing on family occasions. ^_^

*sigh* (again)

Oooh.. and by the way, even voice lessons at Ryan Cayabyab’s school didn’t do that much good. Huhuhu… My teacher said I had talent and that my vocal range was wide. It’s confidence that I do not have. As if I didn’t know that already! Hahahaha! Oh well… Maybe someday. 😛




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