surf’s up

25 08 2007

A good friend and I watched Surf’s Up this afternoon. All the way to the cinema entrance we were laughing and I was asking her, “Err.. ilang taon na tayo ulet? Ano yun pinapanood naten?”. We laughed even harder when we went inside. We were the only ones who didn’t have a kid with us! Hahahaha! But nevertheless, it was a definite “stress-reliever” especially for me. I have been so tired lately, working almost 60 hours a week.. Sometimes 70, if I have to work on weekends.  Sheesh..

Anyway, about the movie.. As expected, it was a very light one. It was funny, but of course not as funny as Rush Hour 3. ^_^ The kids around us loved it, based on how they laughed and giggled the whole time. And man, it made me want to learn to surf even more! But of course, I’d have to WANT to learn to swim first. Hahaha!




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