just ranting

21 04 2007

I’ve been workin’ my ass out as an IT person for the last 5 years and sad to say, I still don’t have a clear direction as to where I’m going. It’s sad, really, knowing that you’re performing so much better than the others and giving so much more than what’s expected of you and still get no credit for it. Sure, there’s that yearly raise (and mind you, it’s not that much!), but at this age, it’s not all about the money. I know I’m good at what I do.. great, even! And it frustrates me to see that in that 5 years, I haven’t really gone that far. *sigh*

I can understand why so many Filipinos nowadays opt to go abroad. There just doesn’t seem to be any hope in making it big here. Man, I love the Philippines. If given the choice, I would want to live and die here. But for someone like me who’s trying to achieve her dreams and at the same time support a not so well-off family, this country just doesn’t seem to be the right place. 😦




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