Goodbye… for now

9 04 2007

Last April 2, my bestfriend’s papa passed away. It seemed so surreal then when she informed me through text. The reality of the situation just struck me when I went to his wake and saw him lying so peacefully in his coffin.

Yesterday morning, he was brought to his final resting place. I cried though I hardly knew him. I cried even more when my bestfriend’s mom talked to me and asked me to look out for her daughter. I promised her I would, kahit nasaan pa ako, and she thanked me and held my hand.

Before he was buried, friends and family were given the chance to pay their final respects to him. I debated with myself on whether I should walk up to his coffin or not. But I did… and I gave him the same promise I made with his wife… that I would be like a sister to his daughter and look out for her the best way I can.

Again Tito, God bless your soul! I know you’re happier now.. no more aches and pains.. just pure happiness with our Creator. Watch over your loved ones and help keep them safe. And watch over me as well.. as an angel, and as a father.

Goodbye… for now.




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