8 01 2007

Christmas went by like a breeze. New year lingered on for a bit… But it, too, passed by just as fast. All I can remember was how tired I felt. I became the official family driver and errands girl. Hehe.. No complaints here, though. ^_^ It was kinda fun driving family and relatives around, especially those who have just come home from the states.

Last January 1  nga, my cousins and I went to Zirkoh. It’s a comedy bar somewhere at Timog. The guests that night were The Kool Jacks (not sure if the spelling’s right hehehe) and the infamous duo, Wally and Jose. I was afraid my balikbayan cousins wouldn’t enjoy the show. Thankfully they did, and so did the rest of us. It was soooooooo funny. I definitely recommend this place to anybody who wants to have fun. We’ll probably go back there this weekend, this time with our titos and titas. Hehehehe…

Anyway, going back to Christmas and new year… It was a good holiday season.  But I think it could’ve been better. Well, I’m looking forward to this year ‘coz my dear cousin’s getting married around December. Now, that should be a blast. 🙂




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