Friday the 13th

17 10 2006

I believe in ghosts and goblins and other things that go bump in the night. I believe in the existence of unicorns and elves and fairies. And although I believe in the paranormal/supernatural, I definitely do not believe in superstitions. But last Friday, my conviction was swayed a bit when I got stuck in our office elevator. Hehehehe.. It’s minor stuff really, but I just couldn’t help but wonder if this was in any way connected to the fact that it was Friday the 13th.

Anyway, it was already after office hours and I was getting ready to go home.

I waited for the elevator. It came after a few minutes.

I rode the elevator and pushed G (ground floor). It started going down.

It stopped at the 10th floor. Just as one of the girl’s foot was inside the elevator, it shifted up about 10 inches high.

The outer door closed. The main elevator door did not. I was terrified.

We pressed on the emergency “call” button and frantically informed the guard that we were stuck.

It’s Friday the 13th… I’m not scared… What if the cable snaps??? Shhhh… It won’t! 

We waited. 1 minute… 2 minutes… 3… 4… Where the hell was the elevator guy??? 5… 6… 7… finally!

We heard somebody opening the outer door. Thank God!

It’s stuck! Huhuhuhu… 1 minute… 2 minutes… 3… Yey! Finally we were free! Hehehe..

We had to literally jump out of the elevator because it was a few inches off the 10th floor.

Whew! I was glad I was out. Closed/small spaces don’t excite me much.

See? Heehee.. I told you it was nothing. It’s just that sometimes, coincidences like that can make one think about the what ifs. Oh well, for one thing,  it’s still an experience. I hope it doesn’t happen again, though. 😛




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