2 10 2006

News of Milenyo’s coming has been flashed on TV for days. Classes have even been suspended prior to this storm’s arrival. But it seems that no amount of preparation can ever be enough for the disaster that it has brought.

I was already having second thoughts about going to work that day. The winds were blowing quite strongly than usual. But nevertheless, I mustered up courage to get into my car and head to Makati. Knowing that Merville service road would be filled with the usual morning traffic, I decided to take the longer route instead, Roxas boulevard. As expected, the drive was uneventful. During the first 15 minutes, that is. As I was nearing the Baclaran area, I saw the first sign of Milenyo’s strength. An MMDA metal sign on the center island was blown off of its post and was sent lying in the middle of the road. I encountered a couple more signs that met the same fate as the first one. When I was a few meters from Starbucks near La Salle Taft, a plastic orange thingie (for lack of a better word hehe) dropped from the building that was under construction. It hit the ground just a few centimeters from my car and ended up hitting my front bumper when it started rolling. I swear my heart skipped a beat or two!

Anyway, by this time (approx. 9:45 am), the wind was blowing hard already. Everytime I stopped, I felt my car rocking sideways. Only a few people braved the streets that day. That would have been good news, if only the areas surrounding my office building were not flooded! Grrrahhh! An officemate sent me a message telling me that I should just head home because traffic was like hell along Buendia. 10:15 am, another officemate called to say that the lights all over Makati were out. 10:30 am… I had to make a decision. Should I go home and courageously face the storm? Should I go to the office and subject my dear old car to trauma caused by flooded streets? Or should I park my car somewhere safe and stay there until the storm mellows down? I ended up taking option 2, head to my original destination which was just few minutes away from where I was at that time. That was a really good decision because by noon, Milenyo’s fury was already at its peak. From noon till around 2PM, we watched (and subconsciously tallied) branches and rooftops being blown off by the strong winds. The rest of the day, we spent listening to the news on the radio. Destruction was everywhere, so it seemed. Billboards and walls surrendered to Milenyo and fell on highways and houses, occasionally taking away precious lives of innocent people.

I went home around 6 am the next morning. I lost count of the number of times I cursed under my breath after seeing the storm’s aftermath. I was scared during the storm. After it has passed, I was terrified… Terrified of the realization that in disasters like these, we’re totally defenseless. Nature gives. Nature takes. That’s just how it cleanses and heals itself. And while it does, a few lives would have to be lost… A number of people would have to be left homeless… An entire nation would have to be left grieving and healing.





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5 10 2006

life goes on nonetheless..

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