Needing vs. Wanting

12 09 2006

So, what exactly is the difference? You may need something you don’t want… And you may also want something you don’t need. And it’s so seldom that you find yourself needing and wanting at the same time. Crazy, really. But if I were to be given a choice, I’d go with “wanting”. After all, if you want something so bad, you’d find reason to have and need it. 🙂 If only to justify it. Also, needs almost always end up being taken for granted. Needs would probably give you satisfaction… But satisfaction that go unnoticed. Wants, on the other hand, bring out your passion and patience… Your dedication and perseverance. The satisfaction and happiness you feel exceed even your own expectations.

I’m not being biased or whatever. It’s just that in this world where you only get to live once, why settle only for things you need when there are ways to have what you want? As long as you don’t harm yourself or anybody in the process, that is. 🙂 Life is all about making choices. If you want to be safe, settle for things you need… Things that simply say, “Hey, I’m a human…”. If you want to be more on the “dangerous” side, so to speak, then take that extra step forward and go for what you want.

I, personally, am a risk-taker so I don’t normally bind myself to things that I need. Every now and then, I step out of my safe zone and move closer to my wants… my dreams. It takes time sometimes to reach it, but when I do, it’s just like heaven for me. And what’s more important is, I feel and learn things along the way. Things that I wouldn’t have known or felt should I have chosen to live within boundaries.

Oh well… bottom line is, life is what you make of it. You have a choice. You make your own destiny. And like what I’ve said in a previous entry, as long as your happy, then it’s all good. 😀




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