All about Beauty..

7 09 2006

02-05-06_10501.jpgThis is my 1 year old labrador, Beauty.. 1 year and 2 months, to be exact. She is a bit of a troublemaker, especially in my grandmother’s eyes. Hehehe.. But we love her. I got her when she was just a month old. I actually had a hard time convincing the people at home that we still have room for one more dog. But Beauty is really just so adorable that they, too, couldn’t resist the urge to buy her.

This is her favorite chair. When she was younger, we couldn’t get her to sleep anywhere else. She still loves to sit on it now, even if she could hardly fit on it anymore. We even caught her one time sleeping there with her head dangling. It was one hilariously cute sight, believe me! 😀

Anyway, just wanted to share a pic of my youngest baby. I have two other dogs, a male golden retriever named Sparky and another black female mixed breed (half cocker spaniel, half mongrel) named Lily. Lily’s 5 years old and Sparky’s turning 4 on October 1. I’ll try to post some of their most recent pics one of these days.. 🙂




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