5 09 2006

I was reading my bestfriend’s friend’s blog and it got me thinking..

In a relationship, when should you really start saying to yourself that enough is enough? And when do you actually start doing something to set things right? People say that women have higher tolerance for relationships going astray.. And they can forgive their supposedly better halves over and over and over and over again. But for men, once they say they’ve had it, it really means that they’ve had it. Unfair. Don’t you think so? Well, I do. *sigh*

It’s sad how time changes everything. This person you once can’t bear losing sight of eventually becomes sort of like a painting on a wall. You kind of get used to them being there that you barely notice their presence (or non-presence — is there such a word? :-)) over time. And the saddest part of it all is, this commonly happens to people you care most about. Sometimes I just wish that life could be just like a movie being played on a dvd (or whatever have you) player. That way you can go back to scenes that made you most happy and secure and contented. Well, it still goes back to the part that makes you sad, but at least you would always have that option to go back.. not to mention prolong the happy times. Haay..

Simply put, there really is nothing you can be sure of in this world… only change. Pictures will fade, flowers will wilt, relationships will die. The only thing we could hold on to are memories, good or bad. Nevertheless, my advice is just go on with the flow… enjoy the ride… learn from the past… and live as if it’s gonna be your last day on earth. Take time to show affection to the people you care about. And be happy. 🙂




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